Walhalla Thomson state forest


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Hi guys. I am looking at heading into the walhalla area tomorrow. I have never been and unsure of tracks that might be a little out of my league to tackle. (I am only a beginner/intermediately set up 4x4 driver)

I am looking at having just an easy day to explore the area as I have been told it is a lovely place to visit.

I would like to do a small creek/river crossing or 2 and just a couple of easy tracks to see me out the day.

Thank you in advance for reading.



Hey buddy couple of nice tracks you could tackle are Beardmores and Fultons tracks. Few river crossings and couple of steeper climbs. Deep Creek 5 is not to bad either. Always good going with another vehicle even though they are easier tracks never know what can happen. Good luck and have fun great area to explore.


Head down to Brunton's bridge for a decent river crossing - not too tricky for your 1st go... Coopers creek crossing is good too...
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