Walhalla overnighter


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Here is a short video of our trip last weekend, some rain made the tracks "interesting" to say the least
Recognised most of those tracks mate , I've been stuck on that pinch on Fultons before . Its a fantastic area catering for types of drivers , thanks for sharing Matt .


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Thanks for sharing. Would love to get down that way again soon.
Thought you said those discos were unstoppable?


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hought you said those discos were unstoppable?
Yeh yeh...
That one certainly wasn't !!
Its the second time I have seen them struggle on crap tires with 19's in wet slippery conditions, I guess like EVERY car they have there weaknesses in standard form
It certainly showed me why I need to install a emergency inflation kit and what not to do with low profile tires, like me he is now going to change wheels and tires for off road work


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good stuff discomatt, we were up there a week before you guy's in the dry, Fultons both ways, certainly a very different track in the wet,

Golly girl

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Hi Matt. I’m hoping that is a side track and not the main track from Mansfield - Woods Point -Walhalla. I’m heading through there in November but will be on my own. Thanks. Kaz.