Walhalla. 28/12/2009


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Had a day to play with the kids so decided to head up to o'Tooles and meet up with Grey Ghost (GG) and Ghost Patrol (GP) and kids etc.

Reached the dam wall and aired down ready for the treck in and decide to try and reach them on channel 25.

The Dam wall, looking the other way!

Glad i tried as they were already half way to Walhalla with Boxer Jon (BJ) in tow.

So I decided to turn right rather than left and headed South to meet them




We met up at the Wally pub for lunch for an hour or two, had lunch and let the kids play with the dogs.

Then it was time for the Coxy clan to head off and the Ghost clan to head for the mines. Thanks to BJ I checked out the easy tracks to Brunton's Bridge with him and then headed south to find water. We trecked in via Cooper's Creek (was packed with cars and people swimming with blow-ups and all sorts) and then hit Brunton's. It was sensational.. The kids really enjoyed it and even i got my boots off to have a paddle with them!




Hats off to the Falcon wagon driver!!!!


Also not quite sure why people would decide to camp right on the track, even thought there are two exits to the river???????


All in all, a great day out and glad we could meet up with the crew that were camping up there.




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Seen people camped in that spot before. They must not mind the noise / dust of passing vehicles etc. Personally, I would be camping elsewhere. Beautiful area though.


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Hi Coxy it was great to meet up with you at Walhalla, so coppers was a bit crowded it is a popular place, i now they seem to camp any where I've been their a few times and they camp right on the side of the track any way back to the pics great shots and i hope the kids had sun screen on ;):D:D
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Nice pics mate...Yep thats not a new thing people camping any were,,I have seen them camp on the coppers river crossing,At the bottom of very steep hills(they get the poos on when ya tell them to move..Good to see that you had fun...


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hey Coxy it was great to catch up with you luv the pics. We went down to Coopers Creek on New Years is was packed then too!! Looks like the kids had fun! Its crazy where people will camp. There were people at Merringtons with swags camping only about 3 metres from the river crossing!