Waeco CF11 Repair

Hello people my CF11 Waeco has killed a thermistor however i cant find a replacement.
Question is does the CF18 thermistor go into a CF11 safely as i can only find CF18 or larger model thermistors available.

Thanks for any feedback


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Well at 3yrs ,4 months since I got a Waeco CDF11 seems the inevitable has happened looks like the thermistor has gone. It was running fine at the usual 2deg then noticed later in the day while traveling it was -7 then it eventually came down to -2 and it wasn't very cold inside had to set it on -3 to start the fridge up then after it cut out the temp stayed at -3 for approx. 20min so had to put it to -4 to start up again so I put the drinks in my 15yr old trusty Evakool. Just ordered a new thermistor see how it goes when it arrives hope it not to big a job replacing it.
Hit Dometic up for a repair. Even though its 4 months out of warrenty under consumer law you would reasonably have expected the fridge to last more than 3 years.
Check though by removing the compressor cover that dometic havent put in a spare thermistor. They started doing that a few years ago when it became a common problem. Look for a small 2 pin white plug with a black lead usually tied to the original.
Usually a thermistor failure results in the display ( if you have one ) showing a high temp and compressor runs constantly.
To replace you will have to make a 20mm hole very carefully until you come to the back of the evap plate.
Wow old post revived i think this was the last post i make been to busy to hang out but have started back at Earth...

There are two ways to sort it one by pulling apart and doing all the hard stuff replacing the thermistor.
Second way (my way) was to basically push a Phillips head screw driver in through the foam carefully next to the drink holder until i got that hole close to the inside fridge body.
Then i push the thermistor sensor in as far as possible and plug it in, i bought two and inserted a spare inside the fridge Body...

The thermistor only needs to be able to sense temperature from anywhere knowhere specific and i have done this on several fridges all of which kept and are working perfectly. My 11 liter sits as center console and has been perfect since this post without the need to pull it all apart and over complicate the solution.... Thats my 2 bobs worth if you want an easy fast solution that works i think maybe 15 to 30 mins and your done.
Another point to note is that you do not need to spend $30- $40 dollars on a sensor these types work perfectly i think i paid $7 each for a few when i did this fix. Here is an example below.