W.E (Wilderness Equipment) tents!


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Started working for sea to summit at the start of the year and one of the merger companys is WE. used to many tents and though there pricy there worth the cash stoopidly easy to set up free standing tents (- the first and second arrow tunnel tents) that are strong light! and warm/cool weather dependant! i use a cirque 4 man a 5 season tent wieghs 4.8 kgs and packs down to out 18"x8"x6" (ish) or the dart 2 which packs down to 6"x6"x14" (ish) saves so much room in the boot!


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Hey man nah though thanks must of made my point to well haha I'm in wharehouse not sales! as ex military i know good outdoor gear lol compared to my 4x4 knowladge which is pretty average, but here to learn from others :D. New to the forum and just thought I'd share a brand that's not overly well known but really impressed me




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Ahoy back Steve

Welcome to the forum you'll learn a lot if you have some time to waste

ps where did you serve ??


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Navy for 6 years served on numerous ships and submarines and attached to the army/1RAR at holsworthy in sydney for 8 months where i was thrown from a comfy rack to tents bush and dirt which strangly enough i prefered! or if u ment active service solomons, timor, afgahnistan and iraq


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SteeVX welcome aboard.
The WE (wilderness Equipment) tents are more a bushwalking light weight tent as you know, you will probably find too small and light for most 4x4's. In my current click my wife and I are the only ones who show up, through down a small walking tents for ourselves and the litlins, and kick back. All our friends look at us like where missing out, while they spend another hour setting up.

They have been our solution for daily pitching and packing quickly for our Aussie lap.