Vitara Lift Kit Recommendations!


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Looking for a 2" suspension lift for my '94 SWB Vitara, have had quotes from Iron Man, Fulcrum, Dobinson's and seen Black Raptor online. Heard mostly negative reviews about Iron Man and Tough Dog, apparently can't go wrong with Dobinson's but unfortunately there is an 8 week wait and wanting to get it on ASAP.
Don't particularly want to spend more than $1000 so Fulcrum and Pedder's are out of the question with quotes of $2000 (inc. fitting and alignment). Any suggestions? Or should I just wait the 8 weeks out for Dobinson's... o_O


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Can't really speak for a SWB but with my LWB:
Front: King Coils in the Front and Iron Man Front Struts

Rear: Kings HD XL Suzuki Coils and Shocks from a Solid rear End Commodore

Been running this setup for years but I'm not sure how suitable it would be for the lighter SWB ??