VISCOUS Fan Clutch


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Hi guy`s.
This has taken quite a bit longer than I thought.

Right, I ended up taking the viscous off and stripping it, thought about it for a while then just added 1 bottle of silicon oil and reassembled.
The alternator had clapped out, turn`s out that was the noise was.
So after looking at prices on the web I ended up getting one from the local auto elect, about $90 more and if it goes wrong they fix it.
Pain in the ass to get the old one out, has to come out via the top after unbolting and moving the PS pump.
I also replaced the bearing in one of the idler pulley`s, the other cost of the bearing was 2 times as much as a new one, bearing was ok.
Put the lot back together charged the battery up, ye har all working except I couldn`t test the viscous.
Until the last few days we haven`t had any hot weather down here.
Yesterday I had to go to Sydney, coming home in the afternoon with the A/C running, I could here the fan roaring away, temp up to 93c.

All good.


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