VISCOUS Fan Clutch


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Hi guys.

I have a 04 100 series V8,
Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket make of viscous clutch`s, for the radiator fan.
I have seen them online for between $70-$350. Toyota is charging $770.

Cheers, Ian.
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You could use 4 tech screws? [i know that works]
You could replace the goo inside, fairly easily?

Davies Craig is the only brand that sticks in my mind for fans?
Cheap .... some still give 2 year/40,000k warranty? [thats 10 of them to one genuine?]


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Don't buy a cheap one, I have seen and heard of people with blades shearing off when full locked and destroying the radiator and shroud


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for $770 you could go full electric, with 2 main and one aux all controlled by a davies craig adjustable thermo controller, and still have change, and you can turn off the fans when doing water crossings, and get better fuel economy as the engine is not driving the fan. i can verify the benefits because this is what i did with my hilux, im very pleased with it


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Thanks guys.
Seajay that ones only for diesels, I checked they have every one but mine.
Typhoeus, I used to run elect`s in my rangie, ford au shroud and fans, used vdo electronic sw all it did was burn out relays
Turns out it was for variable speed systems, changed to davis craig manual controller worked fine, I`ll never use DC fans again,
nearly cost me a 12k motor, I`d only use spal now.
I think first thing I`ll do is remove the fan and clutch to see if the noise stops,
I was told they are ment to be replaced 150-200k`s.

I`ll let you all know what happens, the only other thing I can think of that would make the noise is the altenator.


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Glycerin? normally it is a Silicone based oil. No?
Tis now, was glycerin. For the purposes of flying space shuttles and high altitude aircraft silicon oil has better extreme temperature parameters. For us mere mortals if you are ever in trouble and need to refill a clutch fan on a 4by, a trip to the chemist is all it takes, and rub the rest of the glycerin on your chapped elbows like granny did. A Toyota mech in Dalby put me onto it one Saturday arvo when they had shut for the weekend and I needed to be anywhere but Dalby. It stayed like that until I sold it A fair few years later.


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hmmmmm dounds crazy filling it up.....seals etc etc
id be buying a new one but im uneducated on this one...ill ask my mate what he did as he is a 100 series semi guru

10,000 Cst silicon oil is recomended...from what im reading ...12 dollars a bottle

new fan hub is around 200 dollars

toyotas have fantastic cooling systems generally

maybe go genuine silicon oil on this one? feel better for you long term if you go genuine sicon or full replacement being a 4.2Litre?
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Aaron Schubert

If the oil doesn't work, you can buy genuine ones from amayama for about half the price of the local toyotas. This is what I did when mine died on our 80 series. Don't get an inferior one



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i dint find 200 bucks for a hub all that bad....genuine parts for coolant is my mantra for toyo....good luck and all the best with glycirin