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Ol' Harley

Afternoon all;

I'm looking for a reasonably simple video editing package I can use for drone footage and mobile phone camera footage. I want to be able to edit clips together, and maybe insert a still photo or two as I go here 'n' there.

I'm an old hand with Lightroom and Photoshop for still digital work - no problems there - but I'm a relative newcomer to the video side of things. And accoding to the wife I'm a cranky old so-and-so who can't learn anything new (Yes Dear...) so something that isn't too complex would be good. It doesn't need to have heaps of features, just the basics.

Suggestions welcome! :)


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I heard from a few people that the Gopro software is a good free software suite??

Otherwise your windows PC should have something less complicated.
O guess it really depends on what you want to do?

John U

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Been researching this a bit and came up with this.

I haven't used it yet, but surely it can't be any worse than OpenShot which took hours to put an edit together. But then again, maybe OpenShot is the ducks nuts.

Open shot gave me dramas in getting backing track music volumes right, and drama's with slowing stuff down/speeding stuff up.

I'm pretty new to it so take it with a grain of salt. I believe Open shot is all created by volunteers so any criticism is not great. Davinci resolve looks flash.

red hilux

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I use Inshot on my iPad for all my editing.
Hardest thing is to download new music but easy once you figure it out

Karl Fehlauer

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I know that you said you didn't want anything too complicated but I can highly recommend Da Vinci Resolve 17 - there is a free version that is excellent but it does take a little to get used to but there are plenty of 'How To' videos on YouTube.


Les PK Ranger

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DaVinci requires a bit of a learning curve.
OpenShot isn't quite so involved.
Both have good tutorials online on YouTube.

What phone / iPad (or tablet) do you use for flying / other photos / video ?

I don't know a lot about the android devices and programmes on there for editing, but with iPhone or iPad, iMovie is actually very simple for edits, and does a good job for learning.

There are some great share music websites around, many with free tunes to put with the video.
Most just require an acknowledgment of the share site and music contributor.
YouTube has music you can add too, just more difficult getting the duration or track and video matched.
You can also subscribe for sites that have endless music clips and sounds to use, maybe for later when you really get your editing to a level you want to expand those options.


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Theres more to editing than just the software.
I'd make sure your camera really works with the software, assume nothing. You dont want to render out a whole bunch of vids to find a subtle problem with them.
Also if you like smooth lag free playback previewing in timeline you will need a pretty decent system (CPU,ram,GPU,ssd mandatory,) add in transitions, basic effects, stuff on top of other stuff, and it gets laggy on mediocre systems. Cant stand laggy systems its soo irritating and kills the whole process.
Also if you care about your vids data preservation is key, archive grade BD is about the best safest medium for consumer. Data on HDD and ssd should be refreshed every 5years min, 10years replace drives. Of course it goes without saying checksuming data before and during backups. Data corruption is insidious and rears its ugly head down the line.