Victorian Alpine High Country tracks help.


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hi there everyone!! Hope you all had a sweet Christmas and New Years.

I'm looking to do a bit of a day trip up into the Victorian High Country, stating around Harrietville and Hotham Heights, and heading West into the High Plains. Not really wanting to get onto Buffalo, more the southern area.

I'm driving a Forester 2006 with BFG All Terrain tyres and 2" lifted springs, so hope it can cope with what's up there.

Has anyone had any experience with driving in this area? or can anyone recommend a good days drive in the Alpine High Country?

Cheers guys.
Sorry mate can't help too much with that area yet. Mainly done tracks west/ and Far East and south of your start point. 2far from there for a day trip.
High country is a big place far away to start a day trip, especially where you want to start.
It will be a day getting there and back. Go and have a look/swim at lake buffalo, that's nice.
What I have found is when dry, in general there are heaps of roads and tracks up there, you can take the Forester on. But there are a few around I'm not sure Of the subaru clearance 4x4 capabilitys. I wouldn't go alone. Have fun.


hey Frug

Starting at Hotham heights or similar will be a fair hike straight up, say 5 hrs from Balwyn, i think you would want to stay over night. Might be better heading up through warbuton onto mt matlock, big river, woods point area. plenty of tracks around there. For your suby you could look at corn hill rd, frenchmans spur, german spur, moonlight spur track all straight forward.


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After a bit more investigation I think that the tracks around Mount Buller are prob the best.

Thinking we wanna drive up to Craig's Hut, then over to Mt Sterling (via Clear Hills Trk), then possibly Corn Hill Logging Trk. Have any of you driven these tracks?



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G'day Frug, all those tracks are fine for your vehicle, any water crossings at the moment are low due to the lack of rain and in my opinion that area is the best part of the high country! I actually saw a forester coming back from Lovicks Hut only 4weeks ago so you won't have a problem.


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Hi Julian.

Thanks for all the info. Glad you saw another "soft-roader" having a go!



Hi Doug...that's pretty much the route we took the other day...none of those are particularly steep or rocky. Hell, I nearly had a golf gti come crashing into me as he came round a corner near Craig's hut :). (What is it with golf drivers?). Every river crossing we did was axle deep--but that's going to depend on how much it rains between now and the end of feb!

Circuit road is still closed from telephone box junction to king basin road.

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