Vic - Will a stock standard Pajero on road tyres get into Burgoynes Gap??


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Brother-in-law wants to tag along with us to Burgoynes Gap (from Walhalla side). It's been a couple of years since I was there last so cant remember the track all that well. I thought as long as it's dry, he should be okay. Any advice much appreciated. Vehicle is a 97' Petrol, Auto.


Clearance could well be a problem as it was fairly chopped up last time I did it but it should have been dozed since then, take it slow and he should be good to go.


I think he'll be fine too..Just drop his tyres down to about 26psi and see how it goes...Be careful of big rocks at the crossing..So walk your entry and exit first...



Don't underestimate the pajero , I have a stock 2000 nm with all terrains and it goes further than what I ever thought, I even follow a mate anywhere his lifted cruiser does


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The pajero wont have a problem coming from the Walhalla direction Andrew, EXCEPT as others have said if it is wet...:eek:. Agree with Grumpy that clearance could be a issue, especially on the rocky section, which will be towards the end of the trek. Some sharp rocks there & have seen a few stake A/T tyres there...:(. By the same token, havent driven that section for a few years & it might be ok now...:confused: