Vic Mt Matlock Sunday 24th


I am planning a trip to Noojee and beyond to play in the snow on Sunday, the 24th of August.

Will be bringing the family. Main objective is to find somewhere safe to have a bit of a play, so no hard core offroad. I have a Jeep Patriot so we will be looking for easy stuff only. Will take the main road in, there is a bit of mud around there and then up the MT Matlock. I didn't make it up last time, so I will let the tires donw further and have another crack at it.

Meet at Noojee 9:30 and then head North to find some white stuff.

Is anyone interested in coming along?



5th Annual Victorian Gathering member
Some friends (family) and us are going to Mt Useful Sunday via some tricky but safe tracks through Aberfeldy area. Although the recent rain may dictate a different route which may be more tricky. Probably Phesant, Flats, White Star up to McEvoys Rd. Then home via Binns Rd, Walhalla.