vic high country video and report

Hey guys
A few weeks ago some family, friends and went for a 4wd trip to the vic high country, we set up camp at bindaree hut on Friday night, this is a great little camp spot with the hut being there, heaps of space and the howqua river running past it. We packend up and left bindaree hut at 10:00 the next morning to go to craigs hut. 15 minutes up the road we stoped at bindaree falls, which had great phot opportunity and a fair bit of water running down it for this time of year. Next stop was howqua gap hut, a small little hut that marks the beginning of howqua gap track, so we set of up the track and there was some great veiws of the mountains along the way, the track it self was quite easy but there was some steeper and rockier sections in the mix to, once we got to the top of mount stirling we had to turn off onto clear hills track, which was basically the same difficulty but mostly down hill, eventually we made it to craigs hut, which I think was there best hut of them all, we had lunch up there and started heading back to our next camp site which was pinnapple flats, it wasn't a bad little weekend trip and I thought I'd share it with you guys, I also made a YouTube video on its and it show all the things I've told you about in 7 mins
If you watch it I hope you enjoy-