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Vic High Country Trip Advice

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by Rob Skelly, May 11, 2018.

  1. Rob Skelly

    Rob Skelly New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I haven’t been to Vic High Country since about 2002 and looking for travel advice with my new vehicle and trailer.i have many years 4wding and towing but the track suitability for towing is unknown to me.
    I have just purchased a 2018 Triton GLS DUal Cab Auto Diesel Ute and towing a new Black Series Dominator Camper Trailer 1500kg empty and max weight about 1900kg. I will have a mate in a V6 Amarok towing a Black Series Patron Camper Trailer with me.
    My concern is entering tracks with tight switchbacks with the trailers.
    We have two weeks for the round trip from Sydney and back and I was thinking about starting at Jindabyne, heading along Barry Way to Benambra and then want to visit the following places, Omeo, Dargo Pub, Wonnangatta Station, Crooked River, Blue Rag Track, Billy Goat Bluff Track and the Pinnacles Ranger Station Lookout.
    Open to any suggestions for a trip suitable for us.
    Cheers in advance.
  2. ipch

    ipch Member

    Not sure when you plan to do this trip Rob.but things are pretty wet in there at the moment. You will have a few switch backs but others negotiate these ok.
    To go to the places you mentioned I would do it in this order.
    Omeo and onto Dargo. Wonnangatta track and over Kingwell bridge and up Billy goat. Up onto the high plains rd. and down Zeka to Wonnangatta. Out of the Gatta. and onto Crooked river and Talbotville. From here its up McMillans to the Dargo high plains rd. This is the easiest way to get to Blue Rag without doing a lot of back tracking. There is a couple of other tracks you could take but you did say you are towing and you only have 2 weeks. Apart from Billy goat I believe this way to be the easiest on your gear.

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  3. rob_macca67

    rob_macca67 Well-Known Member

    We were only just in your same situation a month or more ago... We had planned a trip to the VHC with Trailers, etc. We had a great time but there was the odd occasion where the trailer added some stress to the trip... We had planned to the Basecamp thing where we would basecamp at King River to take in the surrounding area of Lovicks; Bluff and Craigs Hut then move on after 2 nights to the wonnangatta valley & Dargo for our next basecamps where we would tackle Billy Goats Bluff; Blue Rag, etc, then move onto Mt Gibbo//Mt Pinnibar and Tom Groggin. Well, things didn't go exactly to plan to a few issues but we did end up covering the majority of places we wanted to see. We even happened to do a few tracks (Mt Gibbo; Mt Pinnibar & Stockman Spur Tracks with our trailers still on and we managed OK but our trailers were nothing as heavy or as big as yours) The switchbacks will be a challenge, especially if u get it wrong....
    If I were u I'd be looking at finding places to basecamp at and then venture out from there.....

    I posted up our trip Report on here that may help u in some way: 2018 Victorian High Country Trip (2x Defenders & a 80's Cruiser)

    A Map (Triplog) of where we went located here: 2018 VHC Triplog

    Hopefully some of this may help you in your trip planning....

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  4. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    I'd say it could be challenging getting into Wonnangatta from Talbotville with CTs. Steep climb with a surface that's loose in parts, last time I was there.
  5. Rob Skelly

    Rob Skelly New Member

    Hi Ian,

    I am planning mid to late Nov this year.
    Thanks for the plan I will get the maps out and check the route.

  6. Rob Skelly

    Rob Skelly New Member

    Hi Rob,

    Best name hahaha
    When you setup base camp, were you not concerned about leaving your trailer behind, I’m not sure how safe it would be ?

  7. Rhett HS

    Rhett HS Active Member

    I hate to say it but are you guys aware of the reverse torque limiting on auto amaroks? Has it been tuned?

    The lack of low range makes a significant difference in the high country. My amarok was loaded to around 2500kg, and the brakes were smelling on a regular basis during extended descents, and i got close to transmission overheats on extended very steep uphills.

    I got away with it, but i wouldnt tow a trailer at all in the high country with an auto amarok, and mine has been tuned.

    If you only choose moderate tracks you should be fine, as long as you dont try to reverse up a steep hill, but it sounds like you want to do tracks a bit harder than that?
  8. rob_macca67

    rob_macca67 Well-Known Member

    Nah.... The areas we were felt pretty safe, but i guess u never really know... If I were to do it again, I probably wouldn't take the trailer for a few reasons...
  9. Rob Skelly

    Rob Skelly New Member

    Hi Rhett,

    Thanks for your informative comments and from there we will be looking to not travel any difficult tracks but just want to tour around.

    Cheers Rob
  10. Sean Logue

    Sean Logue Active Member

    Abby Yard from Myrtleford is the easiest way into Wonangatta if you are on that side. You could get in there with a car besides about 4km of a easy/medium 4WD track.
  11. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    It's Abbeyard btw.
  12. Sean Logue

    Sean Logue Active Member

    Sounds the same :D
  13. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    It does. I made the post for anyone searching a digital map.
  14. Sean Logue

    Sean Logue Active Member

    True that would help if you had the right spelling, I am bad for spelling mistakes.
  15. Rob Skelly

    Rob Skelly New Member

    Hi Rhett,
    What do you mean by the auto tranny being tuned ?
    Cheers Rob
  16. Rhett HS

    Rhett HS Active Member

    With the V6 Amarok you have the option of aftermarket tuning to remove the reverse torque limiting, or you can get that and an engine tune as well.

    I always wanted to keep my 4cyl untuned, but the reverse torque limiting meant i didnt have much choice other than to tune it. You have to pay the full price with the 4cyl either way, you cant just pay a smaller amount to remove the reverse limiting only.

    Removing the reverse torque limiting makes a massive improvement, but its still a long way behind having low range. Reverse gear is actually not very low, its a lot higher than first gear.
  17. Rhett HS

    Rhett HS Active Member

    I should add that early 4cyl roks supposedly had 180Nm in reverse, later 4cyl had 200Nm. The V6 has a similar issue so its also around 200Nm.

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