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vic high country in october

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by hiluxjim, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. hiluxjim

    hiluxjim New Member

    Hi guys,
    Im from SA (dont hold it against me) and the family and I are thinking of doing a week or so in the high country at the start of october. I realise some tracks will be closed still but does anyone have some advice to give me regarding camping spots, accessable with offroad camper trailer? I will probably find a nice campspot leave the trailer and explore during the day so something that is close enough to the action but still far enough in that we can camp and relax. Thinking of coming in VIA Bonnie doon and down through jamieson and east towards dargo but I think the road may be impassable. Any advice is welcome. I will be travelling with 2 other cars and we all have fairly high experience 4wding. cheers in advance.
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  2. Biesel

    Biesel Active Member

    We did our first trip to VHC only earlier this year. Most things were still open when we went (So I can't offer advice there). One thing that we noticed was everything seems really fairly close in VHC and most things are really only a couple of hours drive. Very different to other travel we are use to.

    You will love it, take a chain saw.
  3. hiluxjim

    hiluxjim New Member

    thanks Biesel, definitely take the chainsaw. :)
  4. Outrage

    Outrage 4x4 Earth Contributer

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  5. Bomber2012

    Bomber2012 Well-Known Member

    If you drive a bit further north to Porpunkah you can drive open tracks across to Dargo , don't know if I would want to take a camper trailer on these tracks (I wouldn't take a CT anywhere near the HC) but you can get through .
    Buckland Valley rd
    Buckland river rd
    Selwyn Creek rd
    Selwyn logging rd
    Tea Tree track
    Mt Hart
    Mt Hart spur track
    Wombat Range track
    Cynthia Range track
    Eaglevale track
    Hope this helps
    Take full recovery gear and make sure you can recover yourself solo . :):)
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  6. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Seasonally closed tracks are slated to reopen Cup Day with a couple of exceptions but given the snow depths like last year it may take longer. This may not be reflected in Mapshare markings.
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  7. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Take a drag chain too and a plan B - some of those logs can be big.
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  8. boobook

    boobook Well-Known Member

    Ziggy, the exception list grows every year. Most reopen in the 1st weekend of November, and the exception list is 30th Nov. I recall Kings spur was added to the end November list about 7 - 8 years ago. Then there were about 5 tracks. Now there are dozens.
  9. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    More importantly for anyone heading high in spring, these listings are not promises, they're intentions, and tracks get reviewed and get cleared if necessary in due course. Where the tracks remain soft after the wet they stay closed until they can take traffic without damage. I've been a volunteer on club working parties doing track clearing and access sign updating and opening dates are contingent on this kind of work.
    Mapshare listings reflect the intentions.
    If any track is central to an itinerary you should get the latest info from ParksVic close to the time.
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  10. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Its all common sense , check weather conditions and look it up and plan in advance .
    Its not rocket science :)
  11. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Here's the list in searchable form, from 4WDVic.

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  12. Kendiscoveries

    Kendiscoveries New Member

  13. Kendiscoveries

    Kendiscoveries New Member

    how long does it take from Buckland rd to Dargo going this route you pointed out bfr tracks open up 1st November this year ?? thinking of going this way and starting our trip from Morocco up billy goat into Wonnangatta out to zeka onwards to Craig’s hut.. I’ve been from eagle vale up wombat down into wonngatta and out towards Buckland.. but not gone in from Buckland down mount Sarah etc towards Dargo ?.
  14. Big Rig

    Big Rig 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Well we'll be in early Nov and I intend towing my camper from Talbotville over Cynthia and into Wonnangatta then up Zeka and along King Billy to Bluff hut. That unless something has changed since the last time I did it 2 yrs ago?

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