VIC 4WD Access Only Camping


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Thats why I very rarely go away on long weekends or when the masses are out, school, Christmas and Easter holidays are all definite no go times unless you want to go for a loooong drive.
Not much close to Melbourne that will not have "different" campers these days on any given weekend, now we are in lock down it will definately only be "that" type of campers because everyone else is at home looking at maps and gazing out the window at the shit weather

Agree I wont do weekends at all even less long ones! Last last long weekend I took a few days off to go camping a week after the long weekend Sunday to Weds, had some very popular spots all to myself and son!

Hate going out on long weekends, even the shops grip my sh1t everyone buying for the one day closed. Apart from DIY or tinkering at home I watch a lot of sport/movies and drink home.


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Was out at OTooles over the weekend; 20-30 locals(no virus issues...) from Newborough made it a noisy shithole Sat night, can't see this place staying on the 'go to' list anymore..
The place was looking good in all other ways, picked up a few empty stubbies but that was about it.

One of the forests I used to wild camp at in the UK has had to stop it:

Years ago, then the movie Trainspotting came out, the city scum all went to a local Bothy (think KHA) and they had to close it.

Unfortunately, I watch a few youtube vids of nice places but noone will tell you where they are, for the same reason in this thread.

The best thing though, years ago, I was on a work party fixing up one of these huts in the UK and regaled a story about this bloke we met in a hut on the Isle of Skye (look up Camasunary - the old bothy was awesome). Anyway, this bloke told us of a secret cave in the Lake District and how we ripped into him, secret door, bunk beds...."do I look like I was born yesterday"?

Anyway this bloke says to me its true and because we were like minded on a working party to restore an old hut he gave me the grid coordinates.

We went one day and couldnt find it but there were rumors on the early internet so we went again and found the bloody secret cave! Its still relatively well kept secret and seemingly far enough away from the scum who will wreck it but I am surprised in this day and age.

Its out on the internet, much worse for wear now:



Sorry to hear that McFlurry. Yes I agree that the whole Walhalla area is a disaster for hoons, trail bikes with loud, big groups that take over campsites. I just don't go there anymore.

I believe that you have to go a minimum of 4 hours, with 5 as a minimum in good weather or long weekends to get away from the crowds, even that is 50 / 50 on a nice long weekend. I am sure many people on 4x4 have some favorite, quiet spots on a river but probably, like me, you won't catch them advertising quiet hidden spots on a forum. They'll end up like O'tools.

Unfortunately, I think it takes some exploring and time, or travel with friends who have the experience, to find nice campsites in the high country. Surprisingly there are not as many as you would first think. I even pick areas where I am unfamiliar and go on reccy's. A 4wd trip with the primary purpose of finding new quiet camp spots.

As to the kids, take them back to Talbotville on a non long weekend. Depending on how old they are, get them into geocaching, starting around your home area and then go look for the caches at the cemetery, good hope mine etc. That is a buzz if they are in the 6 - 12 yo age group. Or take them to a caravan park that's on a river that allows fires. That is an easy option to get them interested again. is another option, though it can be pricy.

After Covid is over in Vic, I think it will take 5 - 7 hours of driving to find good quiet spots.

Was just re-reading this after spending a week in the high country. I felt like I had the place to myself so I'd recommend you get out there before the rest of the city realise it's open!!