Very Easy Track — beginners


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Hey Guys

can you please suggest any tracks for a new kids on off-road... I am based in southeast Melbourne

haven’t done any off-roading before...just day trips to begin with

thanks heaps


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Which suburb are you in mate?

What car? What's mods? How much experience?

Consider using to make a beginner trip.


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Kirth kiln area, seven acre rock. Have a look at rooftop maps adventure maps. There very informative and mostly very accurate with information.


These ones would be a good start. Most have a detailed drive and a time to travel.


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Hi Captain Banana,

I am in Berwick area

What car? Ford Ranger
What's mods? 2019
How much experience? NIL....

looking for plain tracks.... to get feel of it....



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Berwick's not bad, neerim, Labertouche and toolangi are all within reach and all have easy and hard stuff. Find an experienced friend or join a group and get a feel for it.

old parthy

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I'm in Pakenham in a few days... as soon as i know whats going on i will put a trip on for toolangi...
I will try and give as much notice as i can....
I will look at some others in the meantime and see if they have been graded.