Vehicle safety


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That`s where situational awareness come`s into to play.
It`s how you read what is happening around you that keeps you out of trouble.
That comes with experience and knowing what it is in the first place.
Yeah, while true, that’s most effective when people are acting predictably. Often times drivers that are going to cause a crash are not acting as you might expect them to. Such as rounding a corner and seeing someone on the wrong side of the road, or someone falling asleep at the wheel and moving into your lane. Furthermore, conditions out of your control such as black ice can be unpredictable, and a newer vehicle is likely to have a better chance of recovering if you lose traction, or if you have to swerve or brake hard. You’re not wrong on how important experience is though, I’d just like to get more in a car with a higher degree of safety.


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I did the same thing on a bike and in the car.

Now I drive the apples of many parent's eye`s to and from school every day.
They expect me to have their little darlings safely home at the end of the day.
If something happens, I expect they will get medieval on my ass.

16 tons of bus and 55 kids is a lot of responsibility, you have to have your wit`s about you always.
In school zones the parents tend to be the biggest f*^kups, I watch them walk their kids across the road 5m away from a pedestrian crossing.
What does this teach the kids?

It`s constant thinking of if this happens, I`ll do this or that.

It`s also a tossup of other drivers being unpredictable and what they can actually do.

Unfortunately far too many idiots on the road tend to treat driving as the second, third or fourth most important thing to concentrate on whilst they are driving.