Vehicle Nicknames


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xtrail and similar soft roaders = POS (piece of sh!t)

Thats what I call my work car, it's a Peugeot 308 with the automated manual gear box, but I suppose a bad drive is better than a good walk.
Thats probably why people drive


Can Hear Every Valve Rap On Long Extended Trips.
Cheap, Hardly Efficient, Virtually Runs On Luck Every Time.
Cracked Heads, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Time.
Constantly Having Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Engineering Techniques.


Firgin’ Old Rebuilt Dodge.
Fix Or Repair Daily.
Found On Road Dead.
Fast Only Rolling Downhill.
****ed On Race Day.
First On Recall Day.
Fabricated Of Refried Dung.
Fails On Rainy Days.
Fatally Obese Redneck Driver.
Finally Obsolete Racing Device.
Financially Obese Racing Device.
Fireball On Rear Denting.
First On Road to Dump.
First On Rust and Deterioration.
Fix Or Recycle Dilemma.
Flipping Over Results in Death.
Flipped Over Roadside Disaster.
Funding Our Retirement Daily. (mechanics point of view)
Forced Off by Race Director.
Follow Our Rusty Dogsled.
Foot On Road Decelerates.
Forced On Reluctant Drivers.
Formed Of Rejected DNA.
Forwarded Once; Return Denied.
Forward Only, Reverse Defective.
Forlorn, Old, Rat-ridden Dustbin.
Fork Over Repair Dough.
Fouled Out Re-done Dodge.
Frequent Overhaul, Rapid Deterioration.


Cant Have Refund; Your Stuck Leasing Edsels Replacement.
Company Has Recommended You Start Learning Engine Repairs.


Another Crummy, Useless, Rotten Automobile.
Asia’s Curse Upon Rural America.
Another Cranky Unintelligent Ripped-off American.

All Makes Combined.
A Major Cost.
A Mutated Car.
A Morons Car.
Another Major Catastrophe

Awfully Unsafe Designs Implemented.
Accelerates Under Demonic Influence.
Automobile Under Demonic Influence.
Another Ugly Deutsche Invention.
Always Undermining Deutsche Intelligence.
Automobile Unsafe Designs Inc.
Another Unsafe Design Implemented.

Big Mormon Wagon.
Big Money Works.
Bought My Wife.
Brutal Money Waster.
Break My Window.
Break My Windshield.
Babbling Mechanical Wench.
Beastly Monstrous Wonder.
Beautiful Masterpieces on Wheels.
Beautiful Mechanical Wonder.
Barely Moving Wreck.
Big Money Waste.
Big Money, Why?
Borne Moderately Wealthy.
Breaks Most Wrenches.
Bring More Wrenches.
Brings Me Women.
Brings More Women.
Broken, Money Wasted.
Broken Money Waster.
Broke My Wallet.
Broken Monstrous Wander.
Bumbling Mechanical Wretch.
Blasphemous Motorized Wreck.
Bavarian Money Waster.

Big, Ugly, Indestructible Car Killer.
Big, Ugly, Imitation Chrome King.

Crazy And Demented Idiots Like Large American Cars.