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Guys, is there anyway of looking up Members with the same type of vehicle
I want to talk to people with Holden Frontera's like myself to see what mods they have done re : my engine rebuild / Conversion
you could hit search - type in frontera - then select to only search for results in the "my 4wd" section

Unfortunatly I only get x2 results using that, one of which is yours but Im unaware of any other way to do what you want (perhaps try searching all forums for the word "frontera" might help as well at digging some results out)

try this - custom search for all results with frontera in the title - gets quite a few hits
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I hope that you would must fine all this and you can fine the right results as what you are looking for. I know that here is a large number of stuff and information that you want to know about 4WD vehicles and you can have the all answers that what you have in your mind.

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