Vehicle based camping near Mt Hotham?


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Just in the process of planning a VHC trip. We are looking to spend one of the days hiking along the Razorback Trail to Mt Feathertop and we would like to get an early start, so I've been trying to find a nearby campsite where we can set up the rooftop tent and stay the night. I've seen JB Plain campground which is down the road but it is walk in only and we would prefer not to have to take a tent with us just for one night. Are there any campsites in the area that would allow us to be within half an hour or so of Diamantina Hut? Cheers.


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Mt Freezeout about 5 to 10km down the Dargo high plains road has room for a few vehicles. Wikicamps also has some spots near Dinner Plain. You can get Wikicamps as a free trial, for two weeks I think. Well worth it. Nearly guaranteed you'll pay for it after you've used it.


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Mt Freezeout about 5 to 10km down the Dargo high plains road
That looks like it could be the go, we'll be coming across from Wonnangatta and coming out on the Twins Rd so Mt Freezeout would just be a short detour. Only 11 or so kms to Diamantina hut in the morning.

I got wikicamps for our Cape trip last year and wasn't really that impressed, didn't really find any campsites that weren't already on the maps or in the Hema atlas. It might be a bit different for the High Country so I might re-install it and have a look, Cheers.


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Can't see any reason why you couldn't set up your RTT at Mt Blowhard Hut. About 5 min. away. If not you could camp along Twins Track just before The Great Alpine Rd. or there are a few "look out" spots just off the Dargo High Plains Road.