Vegetarian cooking while camping


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What about kangaroo tail soup or camel stew, why they are vegetarians aren't they??
Well you sort of have a point oldlux but the way I look at it is its like all game animals, its all organic but its still meat ;)

Getting pretty close eh Richard!

Like mentioned early on in the piece to avoid made 2 lots of meals make a vego dish then add that vego meal as a component to your meat meal!

You can make a lovely vego pasta dish & have it on the side of your steak or make a nice Italian veg risotto & just add grilled chicken or seafood to it.

Its not hard really & the planning is pretty easy seeing as it is only for a couple of weeks.

Enjoy your trip mate & we look forward to seeing pictures these lovely vego meals :D


I think it's fair to say I eat more veggies in a week than 90% do in a 6 months. I live on them primarly because they are healthy, cheap, easy to clean cookware, easy on the teeth & actually taste imo all right when mixed with other food like chips, fish, etc. Not the frozen fake stuff!!! real raw stuff...bugger eating hard meats that feel like rubber from shoes, fish is about as close I get.
The only way to eat vegies while camping is in a steamer, use raw veggies & spend about 2mins cutting them up & 8-10mins boiling water & thats it! Too easy.
Raw veggies keep quite well for a decent time, don't require much cooling power at all with the fridge.

I'm very fussy with what I eat, someone who makes veggies most likely I will not enjoy eating them, most of these fancy meals people make while camping I take one bit & say nut! They can't understand just becase they think it's tasty, someone else will not.

About as far as I drift is having raw veggies cut up in large pieces with soap like pot stu [whatever the hell you call em] type meals. Good for about 3-4days before they start tasting like vomit. But damm, they are a nice meal with parmesan cheese & a chilled can of coke.


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@Bru9 If or WHEN we can travel Inter State, you have to keep in mind the Vegi Nappers mainly heading West but they are also at Ceduna heading East.
I saw one poor coot loose all his Vegie's at the WA Border.