Vegetarian cooking while camping


Mate, might I suggest that you get him to pick his food and cook it himself. Non vegetarians cooking for vegetarians is a recipe for disaster.....literally. :) Not only that, it wrecks it for both. Give him some space in the fridge and a $20 cooker. I'm speaking from experience, there are vegetarians and non vegetarians in my house. If he starts preaching about it then kick his arse. :)
As I am doing a really good friend a favour by looking after her son I am happy to work with him and have an adventure that we both enjoy. I don't think that being quite so tough will really help things although I do understand where you are coming from.!!


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Hi mate, was in Anaconda today and there in front of me was some Big Country meals, these would be brilliant as back up meals

IMG_3435.JPG IMG_3437.JPG

Could also do stuff like Baked Bean Jaffles, Haystacks, Mexican Burritos with Refried Beans etc


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Yep! Jaffles. Baked Beans, Spaghetti, Banana, Potatato etc. He's a teenager so he shouldn't have too refined a palate. Baked bean jaffles was my standard camp fare when I was a teenager and I'm a meat eater.



Cheers guys. We will be away for 3 weeks so variety is the big thing I guess. Plus I don't like driving with the windows down too often so loads of beans is a no no.!!!!!:(:eek::confused:


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Well as you asked.

Vegetarian, cooking while camping.

As he's 19 yrs he should be tendor. Thinking he'll be 5f6 to 6ft at a guess 75kg.

You'll need a bloody big pot. Fill to 3/4 season either salt or spices.
Place over very large fire.. very important to have water boiling (less chance of vegetarian jumping out).
Throw "vegetarian" in boiling water an cook to required taste.

Easy simple meal.


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I sometimes go semi-veg every so often, but rarely on trips. As people have said, cans of lentils, chick peas and various beans - white beans with passata makes a good pasta sauce. Dish his up first, then add meat in it for the rest of the crew. And also vege that travel well, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots etc. and you can use these to store some veges long term:
Some vege work better in them that others, I've have broccolli in a bag for 3 weeks and still crisp. Throw a handful of frozen mixed vege in with some diced sweet potato/potato, a tablespoon of red curry paste some coconut milk and you have a curry. Our Coles also has a few instant Indian meals that are vego, heat and serve, no refrigeration needed.


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Hi Richard, Im a chef by trade & I am feeling your pain :(
I have to deal with fad diets & people who are vego's are often very picky & not very knowledgeable on the subject.
Firslty you need to probe him a bit more for ingredients he will eat.
Often vego's don't know whats good for them to the point we often get vegetarians that wont eat many types of vegetables :rolleyes:
Probably makes it even worse when he is a teenager as their the ones that don't want to eat there broccoli!

Ok without knowing the full background of likes/dislikes I will throw these suggestions out there.

Stirfry's- simple to prepare & takes minutes to cook, a few different base sauces can be premade in jars, check the noodles as some contain egg, use tofu for a protein substitute, any veg can be used & can include- broccoli, broccolini, carrot, mushrooms, baby corn, baby bok chow, chow sum, gai lan, bean shoots, shallots, etc.
Curries- make a veg curry as you would for meat but just use the veg of his choice, some can be bases on tomato & some on coconut milk.
There are plenty of good quality base sauces around of different nationalities but check the labels as some may contain fish, serve with steamed rice,brown preferably but it does take longer to cook but is way better for you or cous cous.

The guys are right, another great source of protein is the legume family & tinned is the way to go, they are great drained & washed to add to curries or made as a stand alone dish like a Mexican red kidney bean + veg to make a chilli con vego, bit of sour cream, flatbread= nice.

Salad- again can be many styles like Asian with noodle & tofu, quinoa is all the rage atm & kale is also in at the moment, you can add tinned chick peas or similar to add more body to the salad, a simple olive oil & nice vinegar like balsamic or white wine vinegar plus a but of Dijon make good dressings.
Of course your old faithfuls like coleslaw & potato but you can go further like grilled vegetables with asparagus, cauliflower & lentil with pumpkin seeds & haloumi cheese. Spinach with avocado, olives, fetta cheese, semi dries tomato.

I love salads but of course they go right next to my meat, poultry or fish :oops:

Having a BBQ? make up vego skewers with cubed eggplant, zucchini, thin sliced pumpkin, capsicum, mushrooms. Serve with any salad.

Shame about the eggs as that would open up another whole dimension to the diet!
The nuts are a good in between snack, and don't forget a few serves of dairy a day, yoghurt, cheese etc.

Best of luck on your journey & as always being prepare will take a lot of the pain out of trip & make it more enjoyable for all :D

If you need any more ideas let me know, I have hundreds in my head :cool:

Oops, forgot to add use plenty of fresh fruits as well.


It will be interesting, I am going to try and persuade him to eat chicken and eggs as the benefits of this along with his own dietary likes will be good for him as travelling and backpacking around he will need to keep his energy levels up. the extra protein from the chicken will make a massive difference..... but at the end of the day I respect his wishes and we will work together and have a good trip somehow!!

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Richard, Triton14's ideas above are particularly good.
For stirfrys, curries, bbq's etc, you can easily open up a small cryovac pack of meat, pan fry and add to your plate of whatever you cooked for your companions meal.
Probably just have a small 20cm frypan for doing this.
You can have your meat and eat it too !!

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My wife and daughter are full on Vegans....nothing animal related, not even honey.
I eat meat as it tastes good but do concede a vegan diet is a healthy diet except for the lack of B12.
We deal with this every day and it's not that difficult....last night we had a delicious vegan curry with rice.
There are lots of fake meat products about nowadays but my wife makes her own.
You could make the same meal but you have your preferred meat and the vego fake.
We regularly have bbq's, schnitzel's, yiros, roasts and the list goes on, I have the real deal and the vegans fake meat.
So to your issue...lots of vegetables, rice, pasta, fake meat, butter beans, cannellini beans, lentils etc.
Add some fake meat to a variety of asian sauces and rice.
Discuss with him his food needs and it will be easy and you may even convert:):eek:


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A lot of vegetarians and vegans, probably the majority in fact, object to the factory farming and treatment of animals and don't eat things like meat or chicken as a protest at the cruelty and suffering that is caused by it. Not eating meat makes life very difficult to be sure. The taste is a minor consideration.


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I have a friend's son coming out from the USA in June and I am taking him on a 3 week trip to the red centre. He is a vegetarian!!!!!!!!!!
I need some help please. I know that there are snags, lasagne, rissoles and stuff but any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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