Hi guys need A bit of info what to expect cause my engine in a single cab v8 2012 started spitting some oil out under where the intercooler sits...is that just gaskets ?


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Could be leaking intercooler they can fatigue most I have seen are around the top intercooler tank

also the intercooler gaskets are metal so can be re used if the cooler has been off but can leak afterwards

and lastly the hose to the throttle body can leak too

these motors encounter a fair bit of blow by so they get a good coat of oil in the intake
Ok thanks buddy ...it just started leaking not major..but will I be able to get away with it for a bit or should I just stand the vehicle down and get it sorted ?


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How longs a piece of sting ?

generally there a fairly solid donk and well under tuned factory std in the 79

a good start would be checking injector feedback values and if all good and you know a trustworthy tuner

y not
Yes I will consider looking into new injectors and bit of a rebuild for her 300k mark just so she can go another 300(fingers crossed) and no I don't know any tuners yet I live up in the cape and the nearest place to go to is cairns sadly...