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Gday everyone, I did a service on my V8 landcruiser on the weekend and found that the toyota mechanics....if we wish to call them that had over tightened everything, i lifted myself up off the ground while trying to undo the sump plug with 1/2" breaker bar. same story with both diffs aswell. But the major problem I now have is i cant get the oil filter cap off to get the cartridge filter out. I tried using a "claw" to undo it and no matter how much i tried, swore or yelled it would not come undone. Does anyone know if there is a special tool/way to get them off?


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On these Toyota's you will need to get a special oil filter removal tool from Toyota. From memory they are about $30-40. Spending the money is definitely worth it rather than struggling with the oil filter every time you do a service.

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You can get a tool known as a nylon strap oil filter removal tool, it works with the use of your half inch socket, this is the only removal tool that has never let me down. about $20 from repco supercheap etc


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What it is is they have not used any lube on the rubber seal of the filter, so it is gripping and wont undo, there are a few options you can do, you can jam a screwdriver through the filter and use it as a leaver (do it as a last resort as it will get messy), buy a better filter spanner, or get someone else to do it.


Is it a cartridge?

Don't jam a screwdriver through it then :)

Get the engine hot and then give it a go, make sure you don't over tighten it when doing it up. You can buy a tool that is almost serrated that goes over the top of the housing, just measure the housing before you go, there is a few different sizes