Ute tray, work on it or buy a new one?


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Gday guys and gals, ive got a question for you all. I bought a second hand toyota landcruiser a little while ago. it has a MACS heavy duty steel tray on it with two big steel toolboxes on the side. Im wanting to get rid of them, remove the huge water tank from underneath and get a fabricator to drop the tray down so the the headboard doesnt stick up as far is it does cause it kinda looks dumb hahaha. would it be better to just sell the tray and water tank and buy a new one, or unbolt it all, weld up the holes in the tray, get sides fabbed up for it and be left with a mine spec tray (with the roll over protection bars that sit a bit into the tray and take up space).

if it would be better to get a new tray, where should i get one from that make good steel trays that could be bought with from the money from selling the current tray and tank?

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here is a photo of the tray if anyone is wondering


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I reckon if your not going to be using it for heavy duty purposes, sell it as one and buy/build a new one.
Its no doubt very heavy with overkill floor thickness, tube thickness etc
I guess its down to costs, a new steel tray fabricated as you want it compared to remanufacturing your current tray. Can you weld?, are you able to do this job yourself?, will it give you the quality you want when finished.


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yeah i want to use the space more, i got no idea how much i could sell the tray and the water tank for, and where where do you guys reccon i should get one? i would go to toyota and get a genuine steel tray but i dont like the new ones with the plastic

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See if you can find someone who would swap; guarantee there are people out there looking for a heavy duty tray like yours, with a standard steel or ally one



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i just had a thought, would i have any chance going to a toyota wrecker and seeing if they have have any or would it be a waste of time?