ute swag?


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Interestingly, it is not a new idea/

Back in the mid 70's, one could purchase a Genuine Holden Part # 9941933, for the princely sum of $65,
a Hatch Hutch that within a few minutes made the Torana Hatchback a camper.

''Whoever developed the Hatch Hutch knew what they were doing. It works!''

Video cued to relevant part;

There was also something called like Tail tents? to fit a Sandman van. American versions fitted both '74 Nova &'74 Pontiac Astre and other makes/models.
What this is? I have no clue? but it definately predates the 70's?


Yes, I have used similar, but not the exact same you mentioned, and because it was not specific for the model it was about half an inch too short for a dual cab, yet weathered a thunderstorm from hell one night resulting in the bottom of the mattress becoming slightly soggy.
After several trials I was less than impressed with having everything on top of the bed, hence it all had to come out to sleep. The other yick part was the cold steel floor and condensation over night.
I however raised the floor [draw under] which cured the condensation, and meant not everything had to be removed each night.
I was going to proceed with the concept, went to my favourite canvas shop, obtained a quote, fell over backwards and said I will think on it.
The quote was probably 100$ dearer than the price of these shown in your link but I opted out. The concept however is brilliant and from a prototype trialed several times I can tell you they do work, it is a case of do you want to unpack, or not.



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My false floor above the draw has an approximate third that folds out over the tailgate, a standard single mattress minus 4 inches [cut off the length] will fit neatly between the above wheel arch boxes and to the end of the tailgate.
The mattress is also cut into thirds and folds up to fit neatly on its edge from the floor to the top of the canopy.


It was a concept at the time, and still a viable option for use now, even though I opted to go with a RTT eventually.