Using Street Sat nav to run Oziexplore


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Just thought I'd share this bit of info.

I have a Mio C310 Street guidance sat nav unit. With touchscreen etc.
Found on the net how you can "Hack" it so you access the built in windows CE thats already preloaded and by doing this, you are able to load Oziexplore CE via a SD card with all your maps.

So now instead of just having two icons now to start up, street navigation and MP3 player.
I now have a few more. These allow me to run Oziexplore CE for areas where the street nav is not charted. Another lets me access the windows CE program the last one opens a new MP3/Divx player so I can play MP3 or even watch videos/movies that are simply stored on a SD card.

All the info and even programs is downloaded from the net. All the programs I have are freeware, so no copyright infringment and your gps should already have the windows CE built in. I already had a copy of Oziexplore CE but you can download and register a copy for a very good price from the oziexplorewebsite.
To find how to do it, google your gps model number and hack. Then go through the web sites until you find one. I found doing this VERY easy and the only reason it wasnt done ealier was because I didnt know the gps unit used the windows software.

Here is the site I use for info on the MIO unit I have, - Index


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Nice work, I have been meaning to investigate the street GPS we got for Christmas for similar functionality, or at least so I can use it as a receiver for a laptop or something.