Used Challenger 4x4 with 300km+ i buying a lemon?


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Look, i asked my dad and he's useless. Unfortunately I also inherited his trepidation though...
Im looking at purchasing my first 4x4 and am pretty much sold on the early 00's Challenger. Love the look and the price. You can get them cheap and very tidy looking for under 5k but there is a lot with 300+ kms.
One on the sunny coast atm with 350+ but looks like its only ever been on the road as it's pristine! Then there are the WA registered, cheaper options with 200+. Dirty and looked well worn.
Whats my better option? A hard run 4x4 with low kms or a nicely looked after 300+?
Is there something I should look out for in regards to vehicles 300+?


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Something to consider, cars with 300+ can't really be considered lemons. You'd have to say they must have been pretty reliable to last the distance. Also, a lot of wear and tear items like hoses, alternators etc are more likely to have been replaced already due to the increased wear but are waiting to be replaced on the lower km cars at your expense. Sometimes a well kept high km car has a lot of new parts. It's pot luck really, you have to trust your gut.

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They've become a really popular backpacker vehicle in the last few years, so you're competing with that market (and you've noticed that with the WA registered ones)

At $5k you are going to be looking at options with that 300,000km ish on them in nearly anything, but there are going to be some options that have a lower km - and I'm on the fence of a higher km/year vehicle vs a low km/year vehicle; generally I like them to do about 20,000km/year minimum, as that means they'll be serviced at least twice a year, if not more. That also means as mikehzz says parts are replaced regularly. Look at what history there is, and then make a decision from there.

7 seaters will always be a bit more money, as they've replaced the Toyota Tarago as the family bus in many areas - lots of Pajeros etc are now in that use.


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If you can find something with a service history that would be a bonus. At least you know what was or wasn't done. Another option for the same coin could be a 98-00 Pajero with a service history. Good luck.


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Thanks so much guys!
I'll definitely be looking at getting hold of something with a decent service history.
I have been assuming Pajero's are a bit big and expensive to run for me but I'll definitely start looking if I can't manage to find a decent Challenger.


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Mate of mine just bought a PA2 challanger (02-03 from memory) 2.5k from vic, 224 thousand etc and I drove it back, it needs a service and a few sensor issues but its actually not a bad vehicle, without knowing the particular vehicle you're looking at, personally I'd buy one, they seem to be a bloody tough vehicle


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There a little prone to valve stem seals, but quite a good vehicle for the money.
And lm not a mits fan, at all. Iol