Used car prices


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I've just bought a car. Perhaps I shouldn't do this, but I keep looking. I bought a Suzuki Jimny. So, I find myself looking at other Jimnys and I found one at an online auction site a week or so ago. I bookmarked it and watched the auction yesterday.

It was a 2021 model. Barely six months old, actually. Part of what caught my eye was that it had done 35 kms and, of course, the write up said it hadn't had its first service yet. Well, of course not, at 35 kms. It was passed in at $39,000. So I've no idea whether a sale took place in discussions between the seller and the final bidder. Of course, the other thing to note is the price when new (ie. like last year) was $29,990. I can understand why bidding stopped where it did.

Is this a new income earner: buy a new car, stick it in your shed, wait six months, then sell it for $10,000 more than you bought it.



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Many new car purchasers are waiting up to twelve months for delivery. Some dealers who have one of these vehicles available will run up minimum ks and sell as second hand.Firstly because second hand market has skyrocketed due to shortages and secondly they can only sell new vehicles at manufacturers retail price which is thousands of dollars cheaper. So they run up ks and make good money.


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Because of stock shortages and slow delivery times some people are prepared to pay a premium to get it now. There are people paying 100k over list price for Porsches etc
The supply and demand economy at its finest


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While visiting Rocky recently, it was noticeable that some dealers had overstock on certain models and spec levels but none of the more desirable models. Some other dealer yards had very little stock. (I was trying to encourage BIL to spend before he kicks the bucket.)

We're still considering an AWB Sprinter either to convert or buying a Trakka version already converted and are looking at 6-12 months delivery either way. The used Sprinter market needs a lot of cash and risky, quick reflexes with little time of check things. Part of the delay on Sprinters is due to a new model release a few months back.