Hi all,

There will be the launch of the NO FUEL – NO FIRE campaign this Saturday 4th April at 11.30 am at Fernshaw Reserve (Maroondah Hwy) - 10mins fromHealesville (Melway: Key Map 10, R4).

We need support for this so I am hoping that you will attend and circulate this message further if you can.

Christine Fyffe’s (Liberal MP) office is organising media so we need people!

Christine is keen for there to be a large number – to show that an alternative view to that shown by the Greens has widespread support.

We simply cannot let the mismanagement of public land continue. The same was said in 2003 when a million hectares of Victoria went up in smoke. Clearly we need to increase the pressure so that the devastation that happened on Feb 7th is less likely to happen again.

Unfortunately, with wildfires of this extent and intensity, we will continue to experience track closures. With the upcoming Royal Commission it will be most beneficial to make this message stand loud and clear.

Please promote this event within your club, neighbourhood, friends and across other forums.

We need to stop the Greens from destroying the bush, our rural friends and closing tracks!


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:eek: Go getem guys!! :D

:confused: The greens are NO BETTER than communist environmental vandals!! :mad:


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with you all the way tektrek, hopefully all you mexicans out there attend, what you guys do down there may help not let this tragety happen again.