Upgrading the Top Mount Intercooler on 2020 Landcruiser?

I can almost guarantee that this topic has been covered. But I am searching and not really finding what I am after. So, apologies.

76 Series Landcruiser 2020. Eventually towing a camper trailer and will do occasional beach work etc. But, fundamentally it is a tourer, and I am a little girl when it comes to punishing my truck off road.

My question. Is it worth upgrading the TMIC on this vehicle before having it re-mapped?

The stock cooler looks of decent size, and I am a sucker for buying upgrades that are not necessary.


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Ask a couple of the reputable tuners that you intend using and see what they have to say. Unless you are chasing big numbers (which isn’t advisable for a tourer) I am expecting they will say no, it has never been suggested to me and I spoke with more than half a dozen of them before getting it done.


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Upgrading any intercooler can be very expensive especially with the prices that some companies charge but that is quite often for a kit suited for individual engines. You can do you own if you're handy for a lot cheaper half the price or less is not uncommon still using quality gear. I used a Frozenboost several years ago for a front mount it had a very thick alloy structure strong as.
I read a test from a company yrs ago forgot the name but the basics of it is to make sure if it has a fan/fans that they should only go underneath a top mount intercooler because some companies fit them to the top which restricts air flow quite a bit abouve 40 kph I think was the speed mentioned. Something like speeds above that natural air flow works great combined with a bonnet scoop and the fan temp sensor should be set so it works at lower speeds like beach and bush driving etc where the intercooler is vulnerable to heat sink from the engine.
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