Upgrading Radio - integrated Android or seperate GPS VMS?


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Hi guys,

Have older 4wd and I'm sitting on the fence so seeking opinion. Buy a good Android unit and load Maps or use as radio and have seperate head unit like VMS?




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Depends a bit on if you have room to mount another unit but unless you can fit a unit with a big screen I am not a fan, I find using an iPad or tablet much better to see what is going on and plan your route.
Great to be able to take it out of the vehicle and to be able to sit around the campfire etc and study a map not to mention all the other benefits of having a tablet
Others may like their VMS style units though


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I would definitley get one that has these 2 features.

1)Android so it can use Memory Map, Ozi etc as well as a host of weather and other apps.
2)Apple car play or android auto depending on your phone's system. Most support both.