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Unko's little 3 litre patrol

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by unko84, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. unko84

    unko84 Active Member

    09 CRD Nissan Patrol

    Good Points
    • Ok driveline
    • It takes me out bush
    Bad Points
    • Turning circle
    • City Driving
    • Its bloody heavy. Empty with just full tanks its 1.5 front and rear 1.8. When set up for remote travel last trip it was 3.8. spring rate is 300 front with constant 500 rear.
    • its a bit thirsty when giving it the berrys sitting on 90 to 95 i can achieve avg of 13 sitting on 110 i avg 18
    • my 12v system ( I have most off the bits for a tidy up)
    What mods have you done?

    its pritty stock, Not :)

    • 2 inch ,lift with koni 90 series shocks with some superior goodies underneath
    • It has a arb front Bullbar and Rear Kaymar duel wheel carrier with sliders
    • front auto locker with Elocker in the rear
    • long ranger fuel tanks safely get 160l out of. (the last 15l cant get out of sub tank, got told it sub self prime a little on start up)
    • black widow draws
    • arb fridge 60l
    • oven
    • arb twin compressor
    • 6x 285 75 16 toyos mts
    • rino roof rack
    • Supra wing awning
    • safari snorkel
    • catch can
    • front diff guard
    • superior coil brace
    • basic sound system with sub and amp +blue tooth
    • oricom 80 UHF
    • dominator winch
    • Duel batteries with all rounder starter and SSB Dry cell
    • 63% reduction gears **Best mod**
    • Cross country intercooler Ultimate
    • UFI stage 1 turbo (running 28psi afr 19.1)
    • remap ECU (ive had a few tunes in it now ranging from 100kw to 150kw settled on about 130 now) (about 40% less power till about 2500 managed through tps, its not floored till 2500. standard tps was awesome one smooth tar and gravel but when in low range it was like a bunny rabbit
    What mods are on the list to do?

    table, what clips on to the rear draw and fits on top of the sliding draw.

    Why did you buy this vehicle?

    my old 91 hilux had a hard ride and no air con.

    How often do you go offroad?

    mabe every 2 to 3 months, if im lucky would love to more but need leave. every 2 years go on a 4 to 6 week holiday with the old man. go to the high country for a about 2 weeks every year sense 2012

    What will your next vehicle be?

    None, hopefully. I have over capitalized on this vehicle.

    first trip out at Jakems Farm with 4x4 Earth
    Fire Jinga with 4x4 earth (please only play when its green)
    rained in at inaminka pub all roads where closed in for about 4 days. We made a dash for it the rain had stopped for about 1/2 a day we went for a walk up the hill out it was firm and there was more rain comming so we make a bolt to the nearest tar witch was just over the qld border and bout 1500 km detour home the poor plp who camped near the creek couldn't move so they had to stay.
    Wittenoorm WA "18"
    A few pics of the canning well 5 and maybe 15?? in "16"

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  2. unko84

    unko84 Active Member

    Im thinking of getting another table. something like this that i can clip on to the end of the draw for a little bit extra table space, and slide on top of the other draw. the current set up just fits a square burner on it and thats about it
    20160714_124323.jpg 20160714_124338.jpg 20150601_125757.jpg
    How to keep a fire lighted with wet wood to cook dinner
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  3. unko84

    unko84 Active Member

    For the remote tourers out there how the hell do you keep it under the 3 mark?

    Ok my bus is 1.5 front and 1.8 rear. With just full tanks. Fully loaded it was 3.8 over weigh bridge,
    So does that mean most (all) remote tourers are over weight.

    Im just bring it up as all the 4x4 in the news

    On a side note i think my car handles better now then when stock with koni 90's 24mm front and rear swaybars, 500 constant rear and 300 front spring. i can now lock up the brakes with 4.8 pad and rda rotors
  4. unko84

    unko84 Active Member

    ^^I just bring this up as a mate i go away with did this on the last trip
    we weigh about the same, I was thinking of a bit of a preventable maintenance, getting the chassis beefed up a bit and diffs at the same time?? btw is a nissan patrol too
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  5. dno67

    dno67 Well-Known Member

    Less tuna and ryobi fans.. ;)
    When you return from your next trip, have a look at what you didn't use and try to minimize it. Then start looking at what you did use and try to lighten it.
    The trouble these days is it's easy to cover every possible scenario from going hungry
    to needing to weld your chassis and unfortunately adds weight, a trailer adds to carrying capacity but it's not always ideal.
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  6. discomatt

    discomatt Well-Known Member

    I worked really hard at keeping the weight down on our last trip, everything that was not a necessity was left at home. That included, annex walls from the camper trailer, camp oven ( other people in the group took one ) minimal tools and only a few basic spares, even the 3rd and 2nd row seats came out.
    it all adds up but in answer to your question, YES everyone is over weight but by how much is the question, we would have only been about 50kg over.
    Seats alone saved me nearly 100kg
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