Underbody protection


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I'm not sure what model you have, but the two cars mentioned here are both NW
There are two of us on the pajero forum that were the 'guinea pigs' for FMIC's made by two different companies.
While I don't have a winch, one was fitted to the car during the fabrication for being able to fit a winch. I fitted a snorkel for the IC install so the pipework doesn't clash with each other.
My mate has the other FMIC and he does have a winch. There are no fitment issues with his.
The two intercoolers are HPD and JohnnyTigg
Mine is also an NW.
I think that people get a little specific about whether or not something is "front mounted". The MMC standard IC is mounted below the radiator at the front of the vehicle while the HPD (and it seems the Tigg) are mounted in front of the radiator and not below it. For my money both types are front mounted (as opposed to the top mounted type, but its a moot point.
I must have a look at the Tigg units though - I'd appreciate the cooler airflow.
Great to hear the good feedback on the bushskinz. Just ordered a full set, including the rear protection plate as I've already scraped the rear factory bumper a fair bit in the 6 months I've had my rig.

Need a bit more cash then I'll replace the factory side steps with the bushskinz one's as well. Thx for the great video Denmonkey.


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ThanksAP .
It's hard to tell what has taken the biggest hiding out of all of my add on bits.
I think the side steps are slightly ahead but the bash plates and rear are pretty close I reckon.
I had to take all of mine off for the auto mechanic to do a service.
I must say, it looks like they've never been touched other than the dirt on them.
Was very impressed. Mine are the 3mm by the way.
The side steps need a clean up and a coat of pains to stop rust.

The only thing I am in the process of changing, is swapping all the bolts over the high tensile variants.
Plus some anti seize and some spring washers to keep the tension on.
I've snapped 2 recently getting the plates on and off . Painful to get them out once they break off in the hole.
I made a bit of a mess of it, but will try some rivnuts as suggested next time to see if thats easier.
Anyway, I'll see if the high tensile ones improve that any

cheers Brett


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One thing to check is will they replace one Pce from a set and at what cost.

I trashed one of the Brown Davis front plates, called to get a new one they initially where a little coy saying there not sure if they can do just 1pce from a set.

They did call me back and said we can but it’s a 4 week wait and 400, a 4pce set is 600 so not really worth it.

We did rework it our selves but that’s not always an option for everyone food for thought