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Underbody protection

Discussion in 'Pajero' started by Cj82, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Cj82

    Cj82 New Member

    Hi all,
    I am looking at buying some aftermarket underbody protection for my pajero,just wondering if anyone has any opinions on whats best? I have heard the bush skins ones are good,does anyone know if any bolt straight on or need mods?
  2. Gavo

    Gavo 4x4 Earth Contributer

    @underdog probably be all over this one.
  3. Cj82

    Cj82 New Member

    The plastic one covering the sump was broken so i thought i may as well get new ones all at once
  4. underdog

    underdog Well-Known Member

    Haha. Only getting back on the forum a bit more now that my arm is finally out of the sling.

    My recommendation for bash plates is always Bushskinz. Sturdiest bash plates you can find. Can be ordered online or through different distributors all over the place.
    I have the intercooler, sump, transmission (and transfer case - still yet to be fitted) bash plates and they have saved me many a time over. Can't rate them highly enough.

    I split the intercooler on my first pajero as I didn't listen to the advice of another forum member in getting bash plates for the gen4 pajero, resulting in my having to replace it.

    Am not affiliated in any way, just a super stoked customer is all.
  5. sharkcaver

    sharkcaver Well-Known Member

    Bushskinz bolt straight on. No mods needed.
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  6. Bigfish1

    Bigfish1 New Member

    I have full set of Bushskinz and also recommend them. At the moment he has a special on side steps/sliders if 10 people sign up for them.
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  7. Chris.

    Chris. Member

    I recently fitted Bushskinz IC & Sump guards to my NX, well actually I had my tyre shop do it when the Paj was on the hoist. Glad I did, it would have been a bitch of a job to do by myself in the driveway. Awesome plates though, extremely strong.
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  8. Stevek

    Stevek New Member

    I fitted a full set of bush Skins on my NT agree great insurance fit straight on no hassle
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  9. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Anything is better than nothing despite worrying over thickness , I like the TJM ones as they are raised around the bolt heads to protect it if you smack anything and saves damaging the bolt head .
  10. joekar

    joekar Member

    I also have fitted the Bushskinz gear and it was easy to fit and has protected the vehicle from at least two solid smacks into terra firma.

    But …………………………. I have found that in hot weather the performance of the ‘jero reduces and the fuel consumption goes up. I believe that this is because of the reduced airflow over the intercooler but I haven’t proved it. Just be aware!
  11. letsgoplaces

    letsgoplaces Active Member

    That's a good excuse for a FMIC :D
  12. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    No engine runs well in hot weather. It's not an intercooler thing, it's an air temp thing
  13. joekar

    joekar Member

    Well duh. Perhaps I should have clarified the fact that the difference between performance before and after the Bushskinz was the red flag for me. Once the Bushskinz were fitted the hot weather performance deteriorated.
  14. joekar

    joekar Member

    The intercooler is already front mounted - it is the standard 'jero position below the radiator which is why the underbody armour is so necessary - a decent rock or tree stump will wipe out the standard tin foil "protection".
    However, an upgrade to the IC would be a good idea although the only one I have seen on the market will not fit if you have a winch so that excludes me.
  15. letsgoplaces

    letsgoplaces Active Member

    I'm not sure what model you have, but the two cars mentioned here are both NW
    There are two of us on the pajero forum that were the 'guinea pigs' for FMIC's made by two different companies.
    While I don't have a winch, one was fitted to the car during the fabrication for being able to fit a winch. I fitted a snorkel for the IC install so the pipework doesn't clash with each other.
    My mate has the other FMIC and he does have a winch. There are no fitment issues with his.
    The two intercoolers are HPD and JohnnyTigg
  16. stevemc181

    stevemc181 Well-Known Member

    I also have bushskinz on the NW Pajero, never noticed any difference with intake air temps from the intercooler or performance losses. I've run it with and without the plates fitted and still the same. The intercooler guard was fitted after damaging the factory intercooler on one of our first offroad trips.

    Keep in mind if going the full set front to rear, there is some weight involved, around 50kg from memory for the 4 guards (Intercooler/Sump/Transfer/Transmission), + 15kg for the rear bar protector.
  17. Triton14

    Triton14 Active Member

    Wish I had of found this thread before today because I just ordered TJM UBP for my MN triton.

    So is it the fact that the bushskins are 1mm thicker that gives it the edge over the 3mm TJM gear??

    I went TJM myself because I have a TJM bar & thought the fit would be better??

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