UHF cb


Hi all
i'm after another UHF 2 way for the Hilux, if anyone has one they are not using that they willing to sell let me know.



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G'day Ty I have found that Ebay have a wide range of radios from uhf, 27mhz and scanners also antenna's to suit they are all reasonably priced and come well packed I recently bought a 27mhz (am) radio and am more than happy with it. I also run a uniden UH015SX UHF in the cruiser it has a remote head which gives you more options for installation, also has a built in 60 channel scanner.
Good luck with your search


why not get a half decent hand held or 2... that way, you can use the truck as a base station and if you are out walking or need some guidance through a difficult section, your co-piolt can jump out and help you thru...