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UHF/CB Radio Use and Functions for Dummies!

Discussion in 'Comms Equipment' started by FreshwaterAddict, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. FreshwaterAddict

    FreshwaterAddict New Member

    I had read the above threads in regards to UHF/CB Radios Use and Functions. Allthough they provided a wealth of information i still have a few questions. I had recently purchased a GME TX4400 UHF/CB Radio with a MobileOne 477mhz Ground Independant 6.5db Antenna and installed them on my car last night. I had picked up some truckies and some idiots so i take it that its working fine.

    I'd like to use this page as a reference for other members who just purchased a UHF/CB Radio and want to totally understand there functions, and even though i had read my insturction manual i have further questions.

    On my UHF/CB Radio i have a few functios and id like to understand how to use these funtions. I will quote out of my instruction manual for people to read and ill ask my question below each funtion descripton.

    1. DUP/ALPHA: "Duplex Operation allows the TX4400 to transmit on a different frequency to that which it recieves. This allows operation through any repeater stations in your area.Repeaters automatically re-transmit your signal over a wider area, providing greatly increased range. The Duplex Channel only operates on channels 1-8. When Duplex is selected on one of these channels the TX4400 recieves on that channel but actually transmits on 30 channels higher.The TX4400 allows you to select Duplex Operation on individual channels. This is particularly useful in country areas where there may only be one or two repeaters. The un-used repeater channel can then be used for normal simplex or direct radio-radio communications"

    * If having the Duplex Function on, it provides a greater area of coverage, why not always transmit with this funtion on?
    * Can you just sit and listen to a Duplex Channel?
    * In what situations would you use the Duplex Function for?

    2. A couple of times throughout the instruction manual the word "Simplex" is said.

    * Is this just the normal everyday mode of your UHF/CB Radio?

    3. I have an OS/GS Pager button on the front of my UHF/CB Radio.

    * I ended up wiring my UHF/CB Radio to my lighter, this means that it comes on when the cars accessories are on compared to wiring before the ignition or straight to the battery which means the CB/UHF Radio can operate when acessories is off. I understand the Pager function, and i understand for the Pager function to work i will have to have my Acessories on when the car is un-attended. I wont be using this function, but i dont know what the OS/GS part means?

    4. Most UHF/CB Radios come with Channels allready programmed.

    * I can select a Priority Channel, what should a Priority Channel be for?
    * What are the main channels used?

    5. Your UHF/CB Radio

    * What settings do you have your UHF/CB Radio on for every day use???
    * Any special channels you can reccomend for other UHF/CB Radio newbies such as myself?
  2. mattyj

    mattyj New Member

    UHF Radio Channel Allocation

    1 to 8 - These channels, which are established by law, can be used when sending a signal to a repeater which will help increase the communication distance

    5 - This channel, which is established by law, can be used by anyone but only in an emergency situation

    9 - Used for conversations

    10 - Used by 4WD enthusiasts, clubs, convoys and in national parks

    11 - Calling channel. This channel, which is established by law, is used to call or locate another station. Parties will then switch to another channel to continue with their conversation

    12 to 17 - Used for conversations

    18 - Holiday maker’s communication channel (e.g. when in a convoy)

    19 to 21 - Used for conversations

    22 and 23 - These two channels are used for data transmissions and is established by law. Voice transmissions are not allowed on these two channels

    24 to 30 - Used for conversations

    29 - Highway Communications which are mainly used by truck drivers and other highway users

    31 to 38 - These channels, which are established by law, are received by a repeater and re-transmitted on channels 1 to 8 to help increase the communication distance

    35 - Can be used in case of Emergencies also

    39 - Used for conversations

    40 - Highway Communications which are mainly used by truck drivers and other highway users
  3. Vegetoast

    Vegetoast Active Member

    On the east coast 29 is used as matty said, but truckies use it north of sydney
    40 same but used for south of sydney.

    As my work we're on 29 all night every night, My job being mobile works we use 29 to warn the truck of our position and lane status on the F3 and Pennant hills rd.
    40 for the F5(hume)

    We stay away from the repeater channels, there loaded with idiots and we only need to warn local traffic and not the whole east coast.

    Duplex is for the repeaters, transmit on one channel and receives on another,You explained that yourself. simplex is without repeaters. If you live near a repeater you can use the smallest cheapest hand held on duplex and transmit all over the east coast.

    Priority channel is for when your scanning channels, you can pick a priority channel that if a signal comes across your channel while your scanning other channels it will automatically go to your priority until the signal ends then it will continue scanning.

    Hope that helps
  4. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Yeah they should be using SIMPLEX only....;)
  5. Traveller

    Traveller 4x4 Earth Contributer

    The os/gs is a scanning function; os - open scan -all channels gs - group scan-only selected channels
    The priority button can be used to send the unit straight to a certain channel on some units - press and hold the button on the channel you want to set it.
    There is other stuff like sellcall and ctss to play with as well. The ctss can be handy if a group all use the some tone to prevent outsiders from interupting - they will hear you but you won't hear them.
  6. Alien d2

    Alien d2 4x4 Earth Contributer

    All the replies are in red above.
    I use the same set in the Disco so feel free to yell out and I could show you how I've set mine if it would help.
  7. FreshwaterAddict

    FreshwaterAddict New Member

    Thank you very much guys for answering the quesions and providing some helpful info. Greatly appreciated.
  8. carinya

    carinya New Member

    Appreciate the advice from the guys who us the UHF for everyday stuff. Looking at doing some touring later on now I have a camper, and haven't used the things much since working on stations out in the boonies years back. This is where you only use the station channel and you wouldn't get anything else if you tried anyway. Thanks again guys, this info may come in handy on the road.
  9. richardlnsw

    richardlnsw Moderator

    The only thing i would say is always check with local areas as to the designated channels which might be used by road crews etc.

    Safe travels
  10. Alien d2

    Alien d2 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I find them when scaning:)
    I don't think it's a local channel as much as one the crew use reguarly.
    Western Hwy traffic control(Anthony's cutting upgrade) on 20.
    Ashphelt crews on 21(One company have this as their Std. working channel).

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