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There is a shortage of tyres around so maybe check what is available in your size first and then seek advice from there


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Had to have a chuckle about an American tyre report, it had Coopers listed in the cheaper segment of the report


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I live on a street that gets a fair bit of traffic. It's straight and flat and most drive past at 60kph. While waiting for my dog to pee I watch the traffic. A lot of 4WDs go past as well as everything else of course. Busses and trucks. Sometimes it's really quiet and you can hear individual cars coming from way off in the distance.

Regular cars are mostly quiet. They make a 'Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' sound as they go by.
Some its more of a 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh' as they pass.
Some 4X4s are quiet too, surprisingly. Well, not completely silent, but reasonably so.
Then you get the 4x4s that sound like 'Waah waah waah waah waah' and I wonder what the hell have they got happening there. I can almost imagine the steering wheel wobbling around in time to the noise they make.


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Over the years i have purchased

Olympic AT for a 1979 FJ55 Cruiser
Dunlop AT for a 1992 IFS Hilux then Kelly MSR
Bridgestone AT for 1994 GQ Patrol then Dick Cepeck FC AT
Maxxis Bighorn for a 2007 UZJ100 Cruiser then Cooper AT3
General AT for a 2010 3.2 V6 Grand Vitara
BFG KO2 AT for current 2016 Pajero
Maxxis RAZR 811 AT for current GQ1997 Patrol

I hav'nt had any problems with any of the above tyres and some are no longer available , but as a current new tech tyre on the market the Maxxis RAZR 811 is a surprisingly quiet tyre for an aggressive AT on the GQ Patrol , they balance well and are comfortable on long trips , they have been on three challenging tracks in the Flinders without tearing or chipping and work well for the duties i purchased them for , but i also dont mind the BFG on the Paj and i would have been equally happy with several other brands as most current tyres have been considerably improved from what was available even five years ago

I suggest you research what tyres are out there for the conditions you want them for , make a decision then negotiate the best price

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I run 33" Kumho MT51 on a Triton. They are a bit pressure sensitive on gibber plains that will cause chipping of the tread blocks if you get your pressures wrong. But they have held up well once I worked out what they like.


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I still like my Yokohama Geolander ATs. Not too aggressive and seems to handle everything I'm willing to throw at it (which isn't much). Mostly blacktop but with some sand driving, mild dirt tracks and the (a very rare occurrence these days) rough dirt track.

But what sort of driving are you intending to do. If you're planning a trip to the Cape then you might be looking at muddies for the trip. If you're only planning to tour with the occasional trip down a dirt track then an AT with a non-aggressive tread might be the go. If you ain't leaving the blacktop then save your money and stick to the HTs


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I also got Yokohams, the X-AT, really like them, I have been doing touring and the vic high country.

Dirty D-Max

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Should I run the stock 18” alloy wheels on my dmax and get AT’s or get a set of steel 16”-17” wheels and put AT’s on them


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I run yoko g015 already 50k km still have half of it only bit gravel and sand
And now getting slip when wet
But overall happy with it
Metal rim good for jumping the side walk no worries about cracking them :)


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I’ve got yoko 265/70/17’s on the equivalent bt50. I’ll be buying the same again. Can’t fault them. The quip about the wheel alignment above is actually close to the mark. Owners are finding these utes extremely touchy to alignment.