Tyre Wheels package deals in Sydney area

Daryl Difflock

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Hi Gang
I want to fit sunrays and Goodrich A/T's to my 2018 BT 50 can anyone recommend a good supplier in Sydney area?

thanks in advance


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Be careful what sunnies you buy, there are a lot of cheap no names ones available that are light gauge steel and often out of round
Buy a brand name set, they are not much dearer


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I don’t know but if you have a google you will find some horror stories from cheap rims and what to steer clear of
Check the load rating on them that would give you an indication of how well made they are
Tempe have a reputation for being cheap but still might be fine


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you get what you pay for mate ! Tempe has never done wrong by me and when you have the traffic they have thru their shop your bound to get one or two that want the best for the least cash. I am not affiliated in any way..........


I go to my local Bob Jane. They will price match any advertised price in Australia, including online. They won't match the stores that sell parallel imports though.