Tyre Pressure


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ok how much air for daily on road driving.... 88 pajero says 50 psi on the tyres but I know this would be max if fully laden...


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I'de running 35 to 40 psi. around there somewhere, suit to your own comfort. Maybe a little more in the rear than the front if you continually carry loads.
with my 1999 Pajero I'm runnig at 35 PSI on the Road - allways good no problems at all... put it up if you carry some load - thats it


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On the Prado I run 37lb on the road. 40lb - 42lb with heavy load. 20lb on sand and offroad normally but have run down to 14lb


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Some people run the 4psi rule ie; 35 when cold, check when hot should be 4psi higher.
If higher you need more air to start with, if lower then a bit less.
Not a bad rule of thumb because every tyre and every 4by will be different.