tyre pressure 33inch


Hey Guys,
Quick one whats the lowest pressure you could run without bead locks before you get into trouble. Haven't owned a 4x4 long and i have started playing with some pressures

35-38psi - road
30 - mud dirt - little more traction still too hard
27 - mud dirt same as above

still yet to try below 25 would it be safe to run 20psi?

These are on 33inch bfg m/t km's 16inch wheel



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I run 31 inch BFG muddies on 15x8 rims. My road pressure is 38 to 40. Mud, clay and other slippery areas such as Bunyip, Neerim, Noojee etc I run about 22 and have never had any problems.


I run 33's and have no problems running them as low as 18 psi. Just remember that when you drop your pressures you must also drop your speed and avoid sudden turns.


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Like Davidman and goldrush, I run 35 - 40 psi on the road and 20 psi on dirt and sand have no issues to date.


We run 33'' tyres on our cruiser 40 piss eyes on road and 20 piss eyes off road halve the pressure and halve the speed never had a problem


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I've had to drop muddies(BFG 32R15) down to about 12lb before to get up muddy steep hills. Wouldn't
recommend going that low that often but will do it. Should get away with 16-18 if needed without too
many problems, just have to drive accordingly. As others above have said, 20-22 is a pretty safe bet
for mud etc though.
Have heard of people going down below 10 on heavy sand, but never seen it done myself, and
would be very careful turning the wheels sharply!



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I have Mickey Thompson MTZ 33", on road I run between 35-40 psi, off road about 22 psi, when we were at Stockton beach they were put down to 12 psi.


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i guess how low u can go would also depend on what vehicle u have ??? as a hilux less weight ect u can get away with a lower pressure if u have to where and a patrol or cruiser heavier car u have limits ....so yeah whats ur ride ?


You can run tyres down to 5psi providing you are going really slow and in a straight line.
Rule of thumb is that 10psi is the lower limit. I have run a tyre off the rim at that number but I did swerve in sand to miss a hidden object. In desert crossings I have run tyres betyween 12 and 15 for long periods. Each tyre is different. My current Offrack tyres are 16ply crossplies and they cannot be run lower than 15psi as the bead is so rigid that if the wheel bounces at under 15psi it causes sand ingress past the bead (tubed tyres) causing punctures.


Excellent Guys

I'll try the 20-22PSI maybe it will help me a little more out in the bush

Thanks for that