Type of oil as the years go buy?


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Hey everyone

Wanting to change diff and gearbox oils in my 03 ln167r hilux.
Normally i just use what the manual recommends but ive read and heard that as the vehicle gets older you should change the oil types to suit.

Any thoughts on this and if so what do people recommend for a 13yo ln167r with a Denco hairdrier on the side?

Thanks in advance

Engine/gearbox/trans and diffs?

Aaron Schubert

Personally, I don't believe in changing the oil as it gets older. The manufacturers know a lot more than us, and unless your a tribology expert I'd leave it alone.

Would you take the advice of a 20 year old from Repco or Supercheap over years of R and D from the OEM? Thicker oil can make things less noisy, but it alters the lubrication of your components; not worth it


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I think the topic is relevant to engines rather than diff and gearboxes etc. As an engine wears tolerances increase which can cause issues with gases within the engine and a heavier grade oil may assist with this but in gearboxes and diffs even though tolerances will increase with wear, as long as good lubrication is maintained then there generally not an issue - maybe need to make adjustments like pinions etc but not a lot else so original spec oil should continue to be used.

There is another issue for gearboxes and transfer cases - some have phosphor bronze components that can be eaten away with some modern oils - eg EP90 in a Land Rover Perentie gearbox will kill the gearbox so it is better to use what was originally specified.


Aaron Schubert

Yep, you are correct; its more relevant for engines than that of drive lines. I still wouldn't change the oil viscosity in an engine though