Turon River Working Bee (camping) 5-7 August


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No worries gents.
Spoke to ranger Dave about the rivers being up and he reckons with no rain forecast they will come down enough to not present a problem to us.
So that just leaves @Basejj and @abw to confirm.
I think @Mitchmate has already said he's a no go too?
Yea sorry Todd don't think I'll be on this trip. Just too much going on and got torn a new one at tax time :mad:. Look forward to the report have a ball guys will catch you on the next one!


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Not sure yet weather pending dont feel like camping in the possibility of snow again so soon after my last camp. I was planing on heading up weds
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Hi Todd
Mate I just noticed this thread can you add me to your list. And where can I find you lot on Saturday morning. Also Terry said come as well. What do you want us to bring Terry always has his saw


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Yep ill be there on thursday definately probably after 3..... might have to check out this pub Richard has mentioned for a quik bevo. Is there somewhere planned to camp or just pick a spot and get comfy?