Turon River Working Bee (camping) 5-7 August


So back from the Desert and looking at the list.... come on you lot... any excuse for a weekend away and doing some good for NP to then do some good for us has to be GOOD.... doesn't it?


Hey Todd, the young bloke and I had a good time at the 1st annual gathering and couldn't make the last working bee so we are keen.
The truck should be out of the panel shop by then and I'll be flat out refitting racks/awning/fridge etc.
We have all of the listed tools so will bring what we can.

Cheers Craig and Bailey.


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Absolutely NO domestic brownie points
Wont be able to make it
i found more Fiji Bounty rum to use as a firelighter


I'm keen but mrs hobbsy's just spat out a bubba so my chances of doing anything for the foreseeable future is slim to no chance..


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suck it up mate ! organize your crap and get out camping before you go insane, you will be amazed how well they sleep when out in the bush, been there 5 times remember,:cool: