Turon Gates Weekender


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Ouch... Kath I hope it washes off ..
Great photos and a great weekend.
I think tyre pressures let us all down going over Baal Bone , if we had let a little more out may have made a big difference.

The 80 & I

Hey @Luthy @The 80 & I got a bone to pick with you blokes... climbed into the Prado this morning and noticed this on the roof... wonder what could have burnt it like that... o_O I think the grey ash will wash away, I’ll have to see what’s left after I give her a bath on the weekend...
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Oh wow! Kathy i was not expecting that as a result of one fire work mishap. And i do apologize. Please let me know what the result is after the wash on the weekend


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Looks like a great trip. I have done Baal Bone a few times but only ever east to west so down the step. The initial climb (westbound) up though was pretty tough last time i was out there