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Spotted a current model Tundra at the Darwin Tip the other day.

Sorta like a Hilux on steroids.

Now I admit to having a sneaking attraction to large American iron.....but jeez the size of this thing ! 'They' say size doesn't matter, but I wouldn't like to try and park her at Casuarina Shopping Center.
This was the genuine article Left Hand Drive. I struck up a conversation with the owner and he said that he lived and worked in the States for 3 years and was therefore able to bring out his privately owned Tundra without all the 10 year old restrictions blah blah.....
The NT allows LHD's to be registered unrestricted, in fact you see quite a few in Alice Springs ( USA citizens who work at Pine Gap bring their cars out. )
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Aaron Schubert

I've only ever seen one in the flesh too. There's one for sale in Perth with about 50k on the clock, for $102,000.

Big and petrol though; they sound lovely but I bet they chew the juice.

Interesting about the LHD - possibly the only one in the country like that!