trouble with ballancing and allinements


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Last week i had a pretty wild day in the bush with my mate when i drove to work the next day i noticed the steering wheel was out a fair bit when i drove in a straight line.

Also when i washed the car i noticed one of the rim weights had fallen off.

Is this a regular problem and does that mean everytime i go 4wd i will have to get a wheel allinement .

Any advise would be greatly appreciated !!!

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Hi Mate,

You don't normally need a wheel alignment each time you go wheeling but if you wheel heaps you may need to get it done more often than a 4x4 that doesn't go off road.

If your steering wheel is that out of shape you may have bent something. Get it checked out ASAP to ensure it is still safe to drive. Find a good wheel alignmant shop. Beaurepairs at Mitchelton used to be good a couple of years ago I'm not sure how good they are now. If you need to Purchase some suspension components chat to ZORDO on the forum he is out your way. He may be able to help you out - but he doesn't do allignments.

As for wheel weights - it happens sometimes they fall off sometimes they don't.

I'm guessing you guys were playing in the Mud? Just remember MMM - Mud Means Money.

Hope this helps.



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Yes there was plenty of mud but i dont think i hit any thing to hard, but will chat to ZORDO want to do a body lift some how ,thanks for the reply pure yobo will get it checked out, going to fraser island next week for a week cant wait !


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Yeah I have had like 2 allignments and I'm still wearing the outside of my passenger side wheel. Not tops, supposedly the mechanic thinks it has someting to do with my castor. I know it still pulls to the left. So I'd be makning sure your allignment is within specs. to avoid abnormal tyre wear also.

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When you get your wheels balanced draw a digram of your wheel and mark where the weights are and their weights and when you loose them just grab some more and put them back on in the same spots this will keep them close untill your next balance.

If your steering is out get it checked out to make sure you didn't bend something, and recheck your tyre pressures to make sure they are equal I get alot of customers complaining about handling and ride performance and 80% are just incorrect pressure.


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gday all, I wont start a new thread as I have a similar question regarding our patrol. Its a 2000 model GU running the standard split rims (16 inch rims). I have been having some probs with it pulling to the left and vibrating through the steering wheel. I recently had the alignment and balance done and it has not really made much difference. I understand that this is a common prob with the patrols, but the guy told me that it is caused by the actual rims themselves and I would be better off getting a set of the ST rims, as the nissan splits are all manufactured with minor defects, meaning that they cannot be fully aligned. Im not sure whether hes pulling my leg but I was assured that he is one of the better specialists in WA for this type of problem. Any one else heard of this issue with the nissan split rims?


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Thanks for the hint Blue Dog. I have lost weights before. Much easier and cheaper option than balancing more than necessary.


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i had a similar problem with no been able to balance a rim, turned out i had water/mud inside of the tyre. I did debeed and roll a tyre.