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Hi all this is my first post .I have just got my first 4x4 , a Triton 95 mod . Just wondering if anybody can tell me if there is any things that i should look out for on this model , It is a 95 2.4 tdi.Thank you all


got a mate that has a 98 model of yours, its been a great truck, and i've seen him drive it places where vehicles are just not meant to go, its never let him down.
The only thing i can think of is he has a problem with his fuel filters, they tend to clog up fairly quickly, other than that i'll have to ask him

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i'm on my second one now and I can't find anything wrong with them so I hope he enjoys it


Hi Paul,
The Triton is a pretty honest vehicle and if treated right should get you to places well worth the fun in getting there. Welcome aboard


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Hi I have a 99 diesel Mk with over 300000km on it only problems I have had is gear boxes its had 2 though I can't complain as it tows a 1.5 ton trailer every day. It also seems to go where ever the toyotas and nissans go.