Triton GLX+ MQ MY16 Manual 3rd gear popping out and grinding


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So, bought a used Triton, model described in title. Has 150k kms on the clock, aftermaket suspension, 31 ATs and some other minor stuff. First time off road, just some moderate difficulty sandy hill climbs at 20psi to feel firsthand how it handled and get some confidence.

3rd started popping out in 4L, then after about 10min, 3rd started popping out in 4H, then about 30min later, 3rd started popping out in 2H. Now, 3rd is just unusable unless you physically hold it in while driving. I also noticed some on/off crunching under the driver's side front end during dippy tracks; this sounds like when you get worn break pads, but seems more suspension related. Still very capable vehicle, just got buggered gears; even 1st and reverse felt sticky when it was hot off a climb.

Going to take it back under statutory warranty and hopefully from what I've seen it'll just be a relatively quick fix kit installation for the gearbox. Hope I don't have to fight tooth and nail to claim it. Should I quit driving this thing until this issue is sorted, or is it safe for the meantime if I work around 3rd? I've driven them a bit before, but this is my first time owning a Triton(or 4x4 in general), so don't tear me a new hole if I'm getting everything wrong.

Anyway, would you guys go balls out and get all the synchros done at once to be safe? I've also seen some people say to replace the stock clutch asap if the car gets decent use, which it clearly has, so should I consider that too while they're pulling it apart? What about switching up oils? Doubt I'll ever do anything harder than the dune climbs I did today, so at least I know it'll manage what I want, even while fairly busted.

Just looking for some general advice and opinions on this particular sitch and anything related. In the end, I just want it as safe as possible for long range overlanding in about a years time, so throw any and all advice reg this issue and others you might forsee.

Thanks in advance.


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It's a known issue, Mitsubishi have a hotline fix. If they don't want to fix it for you it might pay to remind them about the Australian Consumer Laws that require them to rectify or replace it.


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We have an MQ and it should get fixed under warranty - the 3rd gear popping out.... (from what i've read, we haven't had an issue with ours)